at the crossroads of three European nations

We are a globally oriented business solutions agency that specializes in consulting, networking, communication, and market research. Thanks to our long presence on the market, we are active in several industries and countries. Based in Slovenia and Austria, with partners in Italy and around the world, we have experience in dealing with a wide variety of projects.

Our strategy is to build a networking bridge between European countries and to involve our customers in this process so that they are able to benefit from it. We have successfully managed to create a strong foundation for future growth.


What can we help you with?
Do you have a good product and want to sell it, possibly internationally?
Do you want to develop, transform, change or adapt your company?
Do you want to gain more market share and increase revenue?
Are you new to the business or does your company need to evolve and develop a new strategy?
Do you need End2End planning and implementation?
Do you lack language skills or business connections?




We are aware that your business is not just about marketing, economics, websites, technology, timing or even leadership… It is all the above and everything in between that is important. It is about setting goals and achieving them… We can help you make this happen.


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