in the tri-border area of different mindsets

The idea to build a networking bridge between neighbouring countries began to develop back in 2012. Our initial goal was to design a corporate promotional campaign to reach target audiences in Austria and Italy. This means that we engaged in a wide variety of marketing activities to represent a company in the hospitality industry in a unique area where three of the biggest European language groups meet. We implemented branding strategies and marketing activities, communicating them through advertising channels and promotional campaigns. Additionally, we had the luck to have been able to use some of the most advanced tools for measuring the impact of our campaigns.

Later, we started to advise other companies on advertising possibilities in the Alps-Adriatic region, which is how we started to outline our future business journey. We now had a clear goal in front of us: to build an agency that would connect together diverse European markets as well as companies interested in crossing the borders with their business concepts.

Cooperation with several companies followed soon. Today, we are lucky to be able to form a successful business network with them. We also got involved in additional industries through various circumstances.

Managing director

Milorad Šmitran